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Candybooru image #2666, tagged with Lucy Silentvelcro_(Artist) origami


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Olivia 11 years ago.

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more awesome origami skills :)

jaskobs 11 years ago.

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Awesome origami and Lucy AT THE SAME TIME! <3

Hoheh 11 years ago.

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My GOD, but you're good at this.

Yappy 11 years ago.

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Holy freakin' random noun, this is awesome. You're awesome. If it isn't too much trouble, would you mind making some instructions?

Anonymous #1 11 years ago.

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man, do you make these up as you go, or are you adapting from previous items? This looks AMAZING!

Migrant 11 years ago.

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Thanks, everyone!

@Migrant: She's new. It didn't occur to me to adapt; I might've been able to, but I did her body first and the other Lucy's head would've been too big.

@Anon: That's very flattering, but doing step by step instructions would probably be impossible with what I'm currently working with (a cell phone camera) and since Lucy belongs to Taeshi, I wouldn't really be comfortable doing that anyway. If you like, I can pull back the magician's curtain to give you a better idea of how to do it. Prepare to be unimpressed:

On this Lucy, only the head is origami (hence the difference in tags). I happen to have gotten that particular pattern out of a book, but you can probably find the instructions with google.

The body and limbs I simply drew, cut out and taped together so they would appear in three dimensions.

The ribbon is three small, rectangular pieces of pink paper stuck together and folded in a few simple ways to better resemble a bow.

It's more like a 3rd grade crafts project than a work of art, but it makes me very glad to be getting such encouraging feedback.

Silentvelcro 11 years ago.

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That doesn't sound too simple, and the way it turned out is AMAZING.

Baeleox 11 years ago.

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COOL!!! :D

macaron 11 years ago.