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Candybooru image #3113, tagged with Kitsonpaw_(Artist) Lucy


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there! i reuploded it, this time fixed in size. Thanks closetlucy! so, here again, please comment on what you think! :)

Kitsonpaw 11 years ago.

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i have no idea what is going on

SpaceMouse 11 years ago.

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could use... some... work. other then that, I'm interested on where this is going.

jaskobs 11 years ago.

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Looking better than last time. Try soothing your lines more, i.e. more curves, fewer edges. And try to make and keep the proportions on the body. Cartoon characters like this often look good with relativelly large heads (like in Taeshi's drawings, for example). Try copying a few images you like from the booru for practice. Gnukko's sketches are good to copy as they have a simple line style.

Also, plan your writting on the comic, so you don't have to shrink the last few letters. A good way of doing this is first writting very lightly with pencil. Then you can erase it and try again if it doesn't fit, and when it fits, go over the letters more strongly with the pencil.

Migrant 11 years ago.

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i did migrant. i did. only i had to ink it on a bumpy CD case 'cause my silly mind forgot that we have a table. three to be exact. :x oh well. anyways, i also decided to add in a few more words, which is why i screwed up. lol, so much for planning. i shall give one hint of whats going on: it involves battles, and of course, a furry or seven.

Kitsonpaw 11 years ago.

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Anialator 11 years ago.

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I... think this has to be read manga-style, right to left, correct? You could do with making your letters larger and clearer, and as Migrant says, smooth your lines.

It's very rough, the art style needs attention, and several parts are impossible to read, either from handwriting or poor scanning. And yet... I actually find myself liking this. Maybe it's the concept? Or something in the design? I really have no idea. But I do like it. :P

That said, "I'm Lucy and I'm a catgirl" is a statement that really has no place within a hundred miles of the Bittersweet Candy Bowl pages. :D

Yappy 11 years ago.

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i got some good news, and some bad news. the good news is that i now have the story plotted out in my head. the bad news: i do this during school classes that are for the moment dull (french, math, and history) so i might be able to only submit once or twice a week if I'm able. yeah... anyways, I'm working on page two, but... oh wait, never mind. forgot the link tae gave me on the FS. until i get thing worked out, please be patient as for I'm often unable to stick to something for longer than two hours, and the first pages took me about ten.thanks for understanding! bye! ;)

Kitsonpaw 11 years ago.