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Candybooru image #3453, tagged with BCB_Art_Meme McCain MikexLucy Nanie_(Artist)


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Now that I've actually read the whole (thus far) thing, I really want to replace McCain's picture with him holding a gun furrowing his brows. Sure, that wasn't part of the comic. But who's to say it won't eventually become true.

Nanie 7 years ago.

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God I hate my art. ><;

Nanie 7 years ago.

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Admittedky not the best in the booru but at least you gave it a shot and your art isn't that bad. Keep your chin up and practice, I'm in the same boat as you: ****** at art.

Grubey 7 years ago.

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What are you TALKING about?! You can draw. Like hell you can!

johnnyBUZZ 7 years ago.

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^^; Well, this was like the first time I decided to really try it in ages. I drew a few of these pictures by hand, scanned them in, and filled them in pixelated and such but I really can't stand how it came out. I am pretty proud of that McCain, but that's pretty much all xD

And I guess Augustus came out pretty slick too.

But I'm pretty inept at art in general. This was done ages ago too, I don't even remember when. It was just before I really power read through BCB, so it was likely roughly half a year ago.

Nanie 7 years ago.

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Stop being so negative. This is better than quite a few of the BCB Art meme's that get posted. ^^

Anialator 7 years ago.

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comedy was the best i ever read, and i draw like a super tard so in my book, you win

Anonymous #1 7 years ago.

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xD Thanks guys!

Morale + 5!

Nanie 7 years ago.

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if you made this on mspaint with a mouse

Anonymous #2 7 years ago.

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Well the original idea was draw a picture, retrace after scanning, fill in. That didn't really work out, so it pretty much is just bitmap. xD

Nanie 7 years ago.

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Anonymous #3 6 years ago.

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Why A mac dude???? PCs Get The Virus!!!!

oboe411 6 years ago.