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All characters belong to the talented Veronica Vera (a.k.a. Taeshi.)

I was inspired to make a tribute to all the MikexSandy shippers out there. I made a sketch, which looked awesome, but the freaking scanner couldn’t scan it so I made a ink trace of it cause I didn’t have enough time to make an ink sketch as Kinkos was closing soon and I had to use their scanner. However, I suck at tracing, even stuff I draw. In the end, it didn’t come out as well as I hoped. Plus, I have no experience with digital coloring, which made it difficult to get it right. As I finished, I realized I forgot to draw a background! So this is just a prototype, as now I have to add a background to the sketch. In all, it took me 6 hours to draw and a week to edit on my computer. I’m actually a bit disappointed how it came out. I like the sketch better even if it doesn’t have color. When I post the revision it will look a lot better. MikexSandy FTW 4EVER!!! :D

KillerCobraZ117 10 years ago.

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You did a really good job on it! And a week to edit?! Dang, that's longer than I've spent on anything I've ever done in my life! :D

Logan_P25 10 years ago.

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It took so long cause I used a regular pen instead of my art pen (was in a rush cause Kinko closed at 9 PM and it was 8 PM when I started) and it didn't scan well so there were a lot of places where it was thin.

KillerCobraZ117 10 years ago.

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Also I barely got the coloring program I used so it took me a while to figure out how to use it. :P

KillerCobraZ117 10 years ago.

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Way to be a man and not a pussy, Mike!

Anonymous #1 10 years ago.

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i don't want to be kill joy here but wedding dreses are traditionally White, unless the bride's already been married before.
I don't really like MikexSandy but still all in all this is great

Shmeba 10 years ago.

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Shit i misspelled dresses!
I suck ^~^

Shmeba 10 years ago.

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Its okay Shmeba, I thought about making it white, but since Sandy already is white I thought it would be a little much. I asked Taeshi and she said yellow or a light blue, so I chose yellow. Plus, I would feel kind of lazy making it white cause then I wouldn't have to color it.

KillerCobraZ117 10 years ago.

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MikexSandy ftw <3

flara 10 years ago.