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Candybooru image #4087, tagged with Daisy David Jasmine Lucy Mike Paulo Sandy Taeshi_(Artist) book_sketch


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Taeshi, where did you get the paper for this?

Anonymous #1 6 years ago.

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Ah! You got me TD, you tricky little blighter.

Is that how it's spelled? blighter? I dunno, silly brits.

But no serious, that picture is resting comfortably in my BCB vol. 1 right now. I makes me giggle

Ace 6 years ago.

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Damn, this is really clever request, Ace. Everyone, familiar and new, looking back at the main cast's antics... I especially love what Jasmine and Sandy say.

I should've considered something like that for my Volume 1 book. Then again, I wouldn't trade what I requested for the world. It's just that what I requested would probably fit more with the later chapters that will appear in Volume 2 (i.e. LucyxPaulo chapters). To each his own. :D


Anonymous #2 6 years ago.

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lol david: Boooooringg xd

Anonymous #3 6 years ago.

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Wow awesome sketch request! I got mine this morning :D ill put it on later (Paulo and Lucy)
but i love this group drawing :)

TessaFan 6 years ago.

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I hope the volume 2 doesn't have an option for those in the US to order it and get it cheaper if and only if they don't get the sketch edition so I can convince myself to get a sketch in that one.

Anonymous #4 6 years ago.

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Time to sneak peak at the ending so they'll know what to do next :D

Anonymous #5 5 years ago.

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why didnt i get any numbers!?

Subject-Delta 5 years ago.

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Wait until Book 2, Sandy.

ScrabMaster 5 years ago.