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Candybooru image #4185, tagged with BCB_Art_Meme Basketcase_(Artist) Daisy David Hair_Lucy Jasmine Lucy McCain Mike MikexLucy Molly Paulo PauloxLucy Sandy Sue SuexMcCain Tess


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i dislike sandy

Kieran 11 years ago.

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Sorry for crap/rushed drawings on some panels. This meme is a re-do. What #10 says
Mike (crying): "LUCYYYY!!" (dropping iPhone after getting a break up text from sandy)
Lucy: "What do you want after ignoring me for so long?"
Mike: "Sandy broke up with me and said she never wants to talk to me again! I'm sorry that I was being a jerk to you.. Even when I was dating her I still liked you. I want to make it up to you... will you go out with me... Please?"
Lucy (kisses him): "stop crying you idiot." [fin]

I know some of you are going to rage that I don't like sandy, guess what? I don't give a crap.

BasketCase 11 years ago.

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I really don't mind if you don't like Sandy cause she hasn't had much reviled about her. What makes the group you think likes her annoyed is the unreasonable people who make up retarded reasons to hate her.

Bearkidney 11 years ago.

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Sandy has actually been very "reviled".
revile (rɪˈvaɪl)

— vb
to use abusive or scornful language against (someone or something)

[from Old French reviler , from re- + vil vile ]

Anonymous #1 11 years ago.

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d'oh! and now you humorously see how much I expect spell check to fix my horrible attempts spelling.

thank you, Anonymous dictionary person -_-

Bearkidney 11 years ago.

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Man those crazy characters appearing out of nowhere.


Credence 11 years ago.

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Epic Art Meme, I really enjoyed it. :)
The only problem is that some sentences were a bit too small for my poor wittle eyes to read, but besides that, nice job. :smirk:

Anonymous #2 11 years ago.

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Sandvich again, sorry for the misunderstanding, its just #10 thats a bit hard to read. Love your meme! :)

Anonymous #3 11 years ago.

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Awww too much people doesn't like Sandy for the same reason...this is why we need more Sandy >3< I want to see some Sandy drama <3

Effie 11 years ago.

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sexy human paulo

Raxki 11 years ago.

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Effie, I have a problem with characters that appear to be 1D, or that we don't see their personality when they appear. I heard from another commentor on the most recent carry me panel or artwork that she was trained to be nice, sweet and compassionate. She was trained to be a businesswoman by her mom. So that sweet, compassionate side might not really be her. Otherwise I would like to see some more drama from her :P

BasketCase 11 years ago.

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Whoa BasketCase, that's brilliant. And a new reason to hate her. I would love to see a comic where her true colors are shown, it would be a massive drama bomb.

Anonymous #4 11 years ago.

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Looks awesome! But I disagree, a lot of people DO dislike Sandy. Mainly because she gets in the way of MikexLucy, I guess. I like her, though.

flara 11 years ago.

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Why do you think if Mike breaks up with Sandy he'll go back to Lucy and confess to Lucy.

S'fine meme but that bugs me a bit.

Anonymous #5 11 years ago.

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It's Michelle, Michaela is... not creative it's just putting a A at the end of Michael. Sandy wasn't trained to be sweet and all that, she was already like that, you could've seen that in the kid chapters easily.

Sliviathewolf 11 years ago.

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Great meme, Basket! Although some texts were kind of blurred.
I like how you drew them humans 8D

@Slivia Michaela is fine, and it's real name. Names don't have to be creative all the time ;) And besides, there's no official name for their genderbended versions (unless I missed something). Also, saying "it's Michelle" doesn't help to improve other's creativity.

Hero 11 years ago.

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Sliva, your a bitch you know that right? Michaela is the official feminine version of Michael, and it is just as old as Michael is itself, Michelle isn't.

BasketCase 10 years ago.

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luke i am your father

ThiefDSaara 10 years ago.