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Candybooru image #5052, tagged with Alejandro Augustus Rose_(Artist)


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Bronies before honies

MildlyConcerned 9 years ago.

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@Mildly true true...

my point is...are these two possibly related? It's occurred to me that they do look similar.. sure Rapecat is from another town but he might have moved away .. he looks old enough.

It's just .. that white fur and black ears. As far as I know he's white and black anyway and he just .. looks like Augustus. xD

Rose 9 years ago.

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if you remember, Alejandro met Lucy before the confrontation chapter happened. also when Lucy tried to get on the bus with Augustus, he told her that he lived far away. they could very well be brothers.

but never the less, this pic is awesome!!!

Sen 9 years ago.

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Not sure they're related, but a type of friendship is often called bros as well. This is nice art. Al hate notwithstanding, this really is a lovely piece.

Hoheh 9 years ago.

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His name is Alejandro not rapecat.

Also they are not related.

Murderer 9 years ago.

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@Murderer how would you know? Are you Taeshi? XDD

unless I hear it from her I'm gonna continue to wonder. It's just a theory anyway XD

Rose 9 years ago.

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I thought his name was Alejandro!! Just no-one's ever mentioned his name before in the comic I don't think ^^;

Rose 9 years ago.

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Taeshi has recently said on her formspring that they are not brothers

Murderer 9 years ago.

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Funfact: Alejandro does not have an official color scheme.

JuniorBoomer 9 years ago.

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Alejandro may not be Augustus' relative, but it doesn't mean that they weren't close... :x

ThatOneGirl 8 years ago.