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Candybooru image #5611, tagged with Mike theend0_(Artist)


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"What will I do today, hmm... I know! I shall trace a character from the actual comic instead of being creative! And make him all disproportionate and such! Just to see how people would react!" :D seriously, I think if people are gonna copy a pose from the comic, at least do it right... slap a ridiculous background in there! I mean, were they even thinking?!

you can't even call this art. (but seriously you can't)

diFAdam 7 years ago.

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It's not exactly a trace. A trace would be outlining the source image. This is more of eyeballing- trying to copy something you see. People improve by eyeballing real life and photographs. Eyeballing another drawing is frowned upon.

MouseCat 7 years ago.

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Eyeballing is fine, but it's still better to state your sources beforehand so people don't get butthurt about it.

Radial 7 years ago.

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ok, I agree that it is certainly not tracing, and eyeballing's cool with me, but eyeballing, and many other forms of art (... is it considered an art form?) goes hand in hand with proportion, even in impressionism! and that torso... it irks me! It's too wide and too short!

It looks kinda like its at kind of an up angle where he looks like he should be sitting on something, kind of sprawling out.

... Just my opinion. Just as important as others... unless it's completely ridiculous... especially if I think so.

do what ever you want, I don't care! you don't even know me for Christ's sake! What do I know?

... well, that's my piece! (right! this is already way to ****in long)

diFAdam 7 years ago.

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Hater needs to stop hating.

He looks like he's about to go Super Saiyan.

Anialator 7 years ago.

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Dude, who cares. People reference drawings to get better at drawing. Plus OP didn't take credit and posted it on the web comics web site instead of deviant.

I know its from Call Waiting. But... It's cute. Get y'all's panties out of a twist.

Kusundree 4 years ago.