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Candybooru image #5615, tagged with Justin Marshmallow_(Artist) Molly blood weapon


Comment ID #45642

For all wondering, this is an alternate to the original.

snoregore 8 years ago.

Comment ID #45647

Im conflicted...

SevenShinyStripes 8 years ago.

Comment ID #45649

>>3143 is the alternate

Radial 8 years ago.

Comment ID #45661

it's not very different. her expression is kinder and justin is smiling with the heart bubble. Still a great drawing.

Migrant 8 years ago.

Comment ID #45664

The scythe is much more detailed too. That bit alone makes me like this drawing over the original.

Original is still pretty awesome though.

Carcharocles 8 years ago.

Comment ID #45700

oh true, now that i look at it, parts of the other seem a bit sketched. the hands and the scythe are much more detailed here. The hair and dress are much neater, sharper, too.

Migrant 7 years ago.

Comment ID #45720

Necrololis please me.

Hoheh 7 years ago.