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Candybooru image #5741, tagged with Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Augustus Daisy Fritjof_(Artist)


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So yeah, those awkward lighter vertical lines are supposed to be rain. Moral of the story is I can't draw rain. I'm a novice artist and I struggle with things like shadows and rain. That being said, I'd love to hear stylistic suggestions or just any comment you have. =]

Fritjof 6 years ago.

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Give refining your perspective a whirl
Unless Augustus is two stories up it doesn't add up.
I envy ur shading though good job.
Also abbey doesnt have back hair nor does daisy have a chest

Ps abbey has hoverhand

Hamshi 6 years ago.

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I like how you made the sidewalk. The blocks are uniform and pleasing to the eyes, color-wise It's greyish and plain yet it looks so textured like that. Gives the thing a concrete 3d feel. It is weird that a sidewalk is that cramped but those things do exist.

The way the umbrella's colored is good too. Maybe it's the direction of the strokes but it makes the color solid and not as grainy as the rest of the pic.

Aside from that your anatomy needs work, and those walls look flat. On one of the walls the white bits between the bricks should look deeper. And on the other one the door looks like it was painted on the wall and not built on it. You can apply something similar to what you did with the sidewalk on that.

MouseCat 6 years ago.

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Abbey has a right hand on his left arm.

Migrant 6 years ago.

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Yeah, sorry the hand looks like that. If you use ctrl + to zoom in a bit you can tell that it actually isn't and is his other hand from his right arm around Daisy. My bad, though. Should have made the line defining the back of his left hand darker. Kinda ruins the effect. And yeah, that door is kind of a failure. It was the last thing I drew and by then I was pretty done. Thanks for the advice!

Fritjof 6 years ago.

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And I think I should have my license to draw Abbey revoked. Not only did I make it look like he has a floating hand (although he doesn't) and draw weird fluffy hair on his back, but I also didn't make the fur on his arms and legs become white.
He's angry at how poorly I drew him--> Furious Abbey
And sorry for posting so many comments. I wish I could just edit this in to the other one.

Fritjof 6 years ago.