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Candybooru image #5839, tagged with Lucy Shannon_(Artist)


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Big difference ...

Shannon 9 years ago.

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I'll look forward to your next birthday then if this is how art improves. 8-D

ThatGuy 9 years ago.

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My b day is Jan 14

Shannon 9 years ago.

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There sure is a lot of difference... O_O Plus more better Lucy than before! ;)

SprinkleDonut 9 years ago.

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how can you draw the ribbon..i get the entire rest of the body, but that ribbon,its the bane of my drawing

killerpancakes 9 years ago.

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Wow... There is a lot of difference!
It's always nice (and stressing) to go back and see how much you improved.
Last year (when I was twelve) I kept on thinking my drawings were good. People called me a good drawer for some reason!
And now (when I'm thirteen), I look and say "Holy Fuck I drew that?!" But then I feel glad that I improved.

jpark17 9 years ago.