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Candybooru image #6172, tagged with Lucy Mike MikexSandy Panda_(Artist) Sandy parody


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I wanted to do this 'parody' for a long time so I really hope you guys like it :)
By the way, should I tag Sandy even tho' only her hand is in the picture??

Panda 7 years ago.

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I really like the drawing, but I think it could've been marginally improved if you had removed the 'cat appendages': sometimes the ears and tail work in drawings, but, at least to me, these two look so human that it is somewhat distracting. Other than that minor detail, I have nothing but praise to say to this drawing (Never thought of Lucy having pink hair, but it looks cool here) :).

CynicaIdealist 7 years ago.

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Wow! Nice parody, I have no idea whyI did't think it before (considering I'm a Vocaloid fan O.o)

However is a nice job ^^

Adept-eX 7 years ago.

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why does Lucy look like EL Lucy?
It's the hair.

Mr_Klaus 7 years ago.