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lol metaknight

EbonFang on September 8, 2010.

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Ahroo on November 27, 2010.

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I'm suddenly struck by the thought of Paulolol being the new Trololol.

Baeleox on January 19, 2011.

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la bufanda de miguel

Anonymous #1 on January 23, 2011.

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Sword! Blade! Bun! Fumu! Kirby!


Anonymous #2 on March 18, 2011.

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Leave it to Mike and Lucy to rub it in that much more. Adding further insult to injury...

Anonymous #3 on May 14, 2011.

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Anonymous #4 on May 15, 2011.

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"Except ~oh!" Made my day, I mean, the face! XD
Daisy being sarcastic and singing with David. Loved it. Paulololol. xD
(I actually like making up nicknames for my friends too. It can be tricky sometimes. >__> )

foggy_han on October 21, 2012.

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Paulo~ This is all I say-oh~
RHCP for the win.

Stickman18 on February 14, 2013.

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Why Metaknight? :unsure:

1434939 on January 18, 2018.