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Candybooru image #6456, tagged with Contest Lucy MouseCat_(Artist)


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I tried making it as lineless as I could.

MouseCat 5 years ago.

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Classy! :D

Cavara 5 years ago.

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Xu-kitty 5 years ago.

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Thanks, you two.

MouseCat 5 years ago.

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The colors and shading are beautiful.

Shayren 4 years ago.

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Oh man, this was one of the favorites. the style and outfit themselves were stellar. I just love how you picked colors that make no sense and MADE THEM made sense, dammit. I think this really didn't win because it didn't look like anything Lucy would wear in any sense, though it was unusual and beautiful. To be honest, I think Tess or Daisy could rock it better than tsundere Lucy. o3o But it's stil fantastic and I think you'll have a great chance at next month's contest!

RC 4 years ago.