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Candybooru image #6504, tagged with Contest Lucy Oso-De-Clare_(Artist) human


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Ahhh, I hate drawing lace. Entry for the Next Top Model contest.

Oso-De-Clare 7 years ago.

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I like how you draw Human Lucy. This is lovely, especially the shoes!

flara 7 years ago.

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Um...this looks kinda ugly. Sorry, but it's just not my thing. :(

The close up on the feet is hideous and Lucy does NOT have blonde hair.

NintendoSegaSonyGuy 7 years ago.

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Ignore the guy above. he's obviously under the influence of satan. You work is lovely.

I'm not much into the whole "open front" dresses thing or whatever they are called. but some were recently displayed in the comic, on the runway. So I guess it's a thing. I love the transparent fabric thing you ve done on the arms and belly, and the face and hair look really nice, as usual.

Migrant 7 years ago.

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@Flara and Migrant; Thank you! Ahh, Migrant, I didn't even realize it was the same kind of dress as Sandy's lolol, but I do like the style a lot.
@SonyGuy; To each to their own, babe. Human Lucy is open for interpretation. Also, Taeshi drew human!Lucy with blonde hair. As for the feet, the toes are a little wonky, hah.

Oso-De-Clare 7 years ago.

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I usually love your art and was looking forward to seeing your entry. While yours wasquite popular, it was ultimately not chosen because you didn't really incorporate her characteristics or personality,and personally, the lace and neckline are sort of awkward. However, the shoes are stellar and I know you'll do incredible next time. ;) I like your way of drawing hooman Lucy~

RC 7 years ago.

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^Ahhh, yes I understand c: I ultimately shoot myself in the foot when it comes to designing clothes, I just don't know what to do with anything lolol
I agree, looking at this a day after I posted it, I could tell there was a lot of things wrong, blergh.
Hah, I'm psyched for this months anyway, thank you~!

Oso-De-Clare 7 years ago.