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Candybooru image #6983, tagged with Augustus Pirari_(Artist) human


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sorry bitch
also his place really doesn't like fancharacters does it

Pirari 6 years ago.

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BCB HATES fan characters, that's why SpaceMouse created a Fan character that kills fan characters :/ which is ironic in itself

Mightyena 6 years ago.

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thank you :-*

oh that explains things
it was more of a thank you because bcb inspired me to make her but i guess it's draw it with another canon character or no which is also ironic in itself

Pirari 6 years ago.

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I know exactly what you mean :3
Personally, I don't see what's wrong but Taeshi gets annoyed with most of them after a while...

I digress though, can't wait to see your next drawing ^^

Mightyena 6 years ago.