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Candybooru image #7483, tagged with Lucy Ribbon_(Artist)


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Lucy's arms and hands and boobs look weird.
I had fun drawing Lucy with messy hair and in her dress. She's very fun to draw!
I almost put some life into her eyes because it made the picture look a bit better but then I decided against it. The picture also wasn't supposed to have lines but I'm not enough of a pro to make it look right without it ):

Anyways!! Like I said, this was fun to draw. The dress design is beautiful.

Ribbon 9 years ago.

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SpaceMouse 9 years ago.

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My brain is going to explode! This picture is beautiful :love:

bluefox 9 years ago.

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Absolutely beautiful. I like how you drew her eyes with life in :) I sure do miss those life-filed eyes.

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Rabbit ears?

DLancer 9 years ago.

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@DLancer: They don't even look long enough to be rabbit ears. I've been trying to experiment to find a style that I like but I do see your point in basically saying that they look odd; however, I think she looks way more like a cat than a rabbit regardless.

Ribbon 9 years ago.