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Candybooru image #8652, tagged with Augustus Draw_Stream Lucy Taeshi_(Artist)


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Thank you so much for drawing my request, Taeshi! It's beautiful in a haunting way.

The thing I find most interesting about this request is how everyone would deal with the aftermath. In my head, I see this as being the beginning of the end of a lot of friendships, and completely changing the status quo for a lot of people. This in turn makes it interesting, and seeing the pivotal moment for such a spinoff (plus, being interested in Augustus's reaction as well, it's nice to see that he's not completely dead to the world) was worth the request.

Hope the rest of your drawing stream goes well and be sure to rest up a lot after such long days! The support from the community has been great to see.

Skylight 7 years ago.

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It is not placed in the story, but it is happend this way? Lucy did jump?

ComicEmpress 7 years ago.

Comment ID #61639 Wanna something extremely sad? There you go.

Daffyhat 7 years ago.

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Lisa 7 years ago.

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With all those pic I'm gonna become a Lucy x August shipper, dammit!

Adept-eX 7 years ago.

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I join ;)

ComicEmpress 7 years ago.

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Beautiful in an awful way indeed

Sambo 7 years ago.

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Rest in peace ;_;

abigblackdonut 5 years ago.

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Well,Taeshi the master of foreshadowing. :/

Sunner 4 years ago.

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Mike uppercut Lucy off the building, he fled the scene like the coward he is.

SCD 3 years ago.