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Candybooru image #9254, tagged with Feyaden_(Artist) Lucy Mike excellent parody pixel_art


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Taeshi is a boss, she can draw for like 20 hours straight, and she ain't afraid to show her love for pokemon. During the stream, the topic of my pixel-art obsession came up, and souppy was falling asleep, so Taeshi told us to ask questions.

I asked, of all the old school games, what pixel art style from a video game did she like the best.

Pokemon Blue-Red style. Unfortunately, I failed at the style, fortunately, it looks good anyway.

Feyaden 7 years ago.

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This is pretty darn cool.

Phaeton 7 years ago.

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Tsundere trainer wants to battle

7 7 years ago.

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This is really cool all right. I like the way you pixeled Lucy she looks all cute and happy because shes going to crush mike.

bluefox 7 years ago.

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Looking Awesome that was a fun stream

baron_von_jiggly 7 years ago.

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They look really cool, you did a excellent job on them. Makes me want to see a BCB sprite hack for Pokemon Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

SCD 7 years ago.

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Hey, didn't see all the comments explode on this ^^. After Taeshi stream I wandered over into the "adult" section of Picarto, and now one of those artist wants me on his channel doing live streams of pixel art. Might not do it, but I will probably open up a dev-art now that I am starting a new life with non-adult themed art ^^. Already done 3 collabs since then :)

Feyaden 7 years ago.