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Candybooru image #9374, tagged with Lucy LucyxSandy Mike Paulo Sandy Scientifickitten_(Artist)


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Striife 4 years ago.

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She was actually the one who pointed out the problem with their relationship.

Juan_Pablo 4 years ago.

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isabelle 4 years ago.

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I disappear for a weekend and this happens?

Eh. I ship it.

Daffyhat 4 years ago.

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In fairness @Juan_Pablo, all Sandy ever knew about Lucy's behaviour towards Mike came through the lens of Mike.
It's therefore quite believable, from Sandy's point of view, that Mike was exaggerating and distorting Lucy's behaviour to make his point, and was being unfair to her, making her out as far more unpleasant and abusive than she really was. (of course while WE know that it's all true, Sandy remains blissfully ignorant)

That is, provided that Lucy has become nice and lovely and non-violent now she's away from Mike.. which for the sake of the drawing I SAY SHE HAS!

scientifickitten 4 years ago.

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scientifickitten, you mean Sandy doubting her Maishul? Besides, we see in the comic that Mike was actually downplaying his abuse, and Sandy in tears; "quite believable" is not how i would describe it.

Juan_Pablo 4 years ago.

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It's one of those things where a relationship sounds worse than it actually is, but then you talk about it, and you realize it's also worse than you've been thinking it was, and then everyone flips out and overreacts.

modulusshift 4 years ago.

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lets be honest here, Paulo would find that to be hot

EvilKitty3 4 years ago.

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... I just wanted to draw Mike being sad, that's all! then the context appeared around it.

I'm just saying that Sandy's only point of contact with the rest of the cast is Mike and so he's where all her information would come from. Even if WE know he's downplaying the abuse, SHE doesn't. We mustn't forget that just because we know something doesn't mean everyone else does too.

So in her mind it's technically at least a possibility that he was lying. I'm not making any comments on the probability though.

scientifickitten 4 years ago.