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This was just a quick sketch which is why it's so bad but yeah I don't know if I'll be coming back to candybooru to upload because college starts soon and I'm not very good at drawing so i'm guessing nobody will really mind ^_^ My time here was fun though. I'll still come back to favourite and comment :3

LetsBananas 5 years ago.

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i think your art has a lot of charm!! and when you draw in the not so chibi style, it looks amazing! (the chibi esque style is cute too lol im just a sucker for more anthropormorphic kitties)

definitely work hard at college but if you find the time to draw more bcb, i would love to see :D

Jinx 5 years ago.

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Do more you glorious derp

Mert 5 years ago.

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DaniYellAtU 5 years ago.

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@DaniYellAtU that was beautiful

I still have a week or so to go before I return to college and /maybe/ a week after that so I'll see if I can put up a few doodles before then in different styles. :3

LetsBananas 5 years ago.