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Veronica: Gotta help that kid sometimes.

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That’s actually yet to be determined; Matt’s main worry throughout the comic thus far has been about Jordan’s reaction to his interest in him. It’s never been stated or shown that Jordan knows that Matt is gay.It’s anyone’s guess!

Tumblr: lacktastrophe December 18, 2018

Thank you so much!Cellphones were all the rage back in 2004 onwards and having one quickly became a necessity. Toby probably gave it to him (or told him to steal one) originally to keep him advised when he was needed, rather than travel to Roseville himself and find Augustus. It was just more convenient since Augustus tried to avoid them at every opportunity he could.Augustus probably retains it since it’s one of the few nice things he has and he couldnt afford another to replace it. It came of use when Lucy nearly killed herself, so the convenience is there. Besides that, why waste a good trendy phone? Clamshell phones were still popular despite the iphone’s launch and long into 2009.

Tumblr: lacktastrophe December 13, 2018

*sad trumpet noise*
seriously though you gotta do what’s best for you!! take care of yourself <3
also jordan would honestly be a terrible gigolo. c’mon buddy

Tumblr: miaaa-cs December 11, 2018

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