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Veronica: THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!

Get ready for a crazy-long, crazy-dramatic chapter starting next week IN THE YEAR 2019. What an exciting start to the new year!! We’ll have a lot for you in BCB land. Enjoy the fireworks!

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One of the things that I always found kinda sucked about keeping current on web-comics is with the update schedule. Though, not necessarily about the update frequency when new pages are uploaded (I mean, going back to one day a week from three is AWFUL, but considering it’s only for a year, I’ll live), but more specifically with the amount of content you digest at that moment in time. 
I’ve grown used to a pattern of glossing over a page before continuing with my day. This is about as good as reading a page out of a novel in much the same frequency; a page a week, getting on with your life, then on a following week try to remember exactly what happened on the page before without having to go there again to be continually up to date. Try giving that a go. Even with BCB’s previous three pages a week you tend to kind of forget what was explored earlier and you have […]

Tumblr: lacktastrophe January 1, 2019

This was previously going to be called RE: BCI Comics on Megaposts, but I ended up changing it as I changed my stance on this topic mid-way through this post.
Some number of weeks ago I was asked a good question by Shika regarding why I don’t necessarily touch upon the Bittersweet Club International chapters more often enough in some of the megaposts.imageIt’s a perfectly valid question since there is a lot of potential discussion to be had with regards to the characters especially considering the nature of the BCI comics; they tend to be ‘what-if’ stories which test character’s behaviours in different settings and additional bonus stories that help compliment the main story. Examples of what-if stories include the comic about David […]

Tumblr: lacktastrophe December 25, 2018

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