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*Lucy lounges at the desk in her room, one hand on the mouse as she checks her email.*
[A segment of the screen is shown at the top of the panel, showing a particular message in her inbox. It’s from “Your Friend” and has the subject “Lucy, join my social network”.]
Lucy: Ugh, again? At least I know how to respond to this one.

*Lucy leans forward, looking irritated as her fingers tap on the keys.*
Lucy: “Go.. to.. hell..”

*Lucy leans back in her chair again, smirking as she reads the response.*
Internet user: stfu
Lucy: (snicker)
*Her computer makes a bling sound to announce a new message.*

*Lucy looks confused.*
Lucy: Huh? “Message from Unknown Sender”?
*She clicks on the message.*

[A chat window appears. The window title is “Chat with huzzla8410”. The chat transcript reads “AIM IM with huzzla8410”, “hey! U gotta see dis vid. is so rad!! click 2 see now!!! he he he :)”, ending with a link to “18742168.mpeg”.]

*Lucy curiously clicks on the message attachment.*

*Lucy gets out of her chair and walks away from the desk while the attachment downloads.*
Lucy: Lemme get something to drink.

*Lily is on the tabletop in the kitchen, smiling and holding a box of “Coocoo Charms” cereal that is as big as she is.*
Lily: Hello, Lucy.
*Lucy, holding a glass of juice, smiles at Lily.*
Lucy: Hey.

*Lucy looks slightly perplexed.*
Lucy: Can’t get enough of those prizes, huh?
*Lily beams happily.*
Lily: Yes!

*Lily puts down the box of cereal and puts her hands together. Sparkles appear around her. In the background, Lucy looks skeptical.*
Lily: Collecting all the pieces is a huge part of the Coocoo Charms fun!

*Lucy shrugs, smiling.*
Lucy: You can be so babyish sometimes!
*Lily looks over her shoulder at Lucy with a pout.*
Lily: And all your endless love triangles aren’t?

*Lucy looks annoyed and starts walking away from Lily, who watches her go.*
Lucy: Oh please. You’re thinking of my stupid friends, not me.
*Lily waves dismissively.*
Lily: Keep telling yourself that!

*Lily glances back at the box of Coocoo Charms that’s in front of her on the table.*
Lily: Hmm.. Now where was I.. .. Oh, right.

*Lily dives headfirst into the box of cereal.*
Lily: Surely they didn’t forget to put it in here..

*Lucy makes it back to her room, looking back toward the kitchen as she sits down at her desk. She’s still holding her glass of juice.*
Lucy (thinking): Man, Lily’s always winding me up.

*Lucy closes her eyes and takes a long drink of juice from her glass.*
Lucy (thinking): Hope that cereal keeps her busy.

*Lucy’s eyes open as she takes the glass away from her mouth. She begins to notice the computer.*
Lucy: ..?

*Lucy, deeply blushing, struggles not to spit out her drink. She hunches over in shock, staring at the screen.*
Lucy: ?!

Author commentary

Veronica: This comic is actually meant to be a remade version of a comic I drew back before BCB was a thing.

Lucy is very ONLINE.

Coo Coo Charms is an old brand I’ve been using in comics forever.. That and the soda brand “Blasto”.. which hasn’t been shown in this series yet, but it will appear eventually!

Oliver: iChat nostalgia. Or AIM nostalgia, pick your flavour!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #1396

Oh noes! Did she check to see if it was a .exe file? TROJAN!

Kan March 15, 2010, 1:38 AM EDT.

Comment ID #43613

Mistake Lucy,never accept files from random people in chatrooms

Dr.John June 14, 2010, 12:28 AM EDT.

Comment ID #183699

Don’t load the pic! It’s probablly porn!

XYZ September 30, 2011, 8:35 PM EDT.

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