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Author commentary

Veronica: Hey, new (and old!) readers, welcome to a completely revamped version of “Out of the Frame”!

This was a chapter that needed to be redrawn/rewritten pretty substantially!

Originally it highlighted a ton of fancharacters from the DeviantArt days that really shouldn’t be here anymore. And now they’re not, but this comic still is! It took a lot of work, but I was pretty determined to keep it,

I thought it was fun, there’s a lot of cute jokes, it depicts some nice development with Sue and McCain, and I thought some of the parts could still be recovered. It’s not like Sue didn’t stop feeling inferior, and I like the idea of Sue doing something petty like this! I felt it woulda been a disservice for Sue to have this one Sue-specific chapter be canned, so I wanted to save it.

Ultimately, I realised I created a lot of official minor characters that could fill the roles that needed to be replaced in this comic, and this is the result!

I honestly really like this change because I feel the original Out of the Frame was a little more mean-spirited? Which I didn’t want to maintain.

Besides, Katie would absolutely be jealous and eager to join a group if it meant getting more popularity! She fits into the role very well, and so the chapter wrote itself!

Also really happy to have another opportunity to utilise the three girls.

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