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Veronica: Madison just came to have a good time and she’s honestly feeling so attacked right now

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Living in a cute cartoon cat world has some weird side-effects; apart from my immediate family (and applying the obvious GF Adjustment) I honestly could not tell you the eye colour of anyone I know. :T

Tumblr: migbird December 6, 2017

i really hope Madison yelling HEY IM TALKING TO YOU is met with Lucy being like ‘oh sorry i’m deaf i probably didnt hear you yelling’ because half-deaf Lucy is my favorite thing and i wish it was touched upon more often

Tumblr: jakestartledthewitch December 6, 2017

Tumblr image
Gots family from Italy and Mexico visiting for the holidays, everyday is like a fiesta at an Olive Garden, just gotta make sure the don’t burn or break anything in my house, including my sanity… have a b-day gift cat that should be finished tomorrow !

Tumblr: giobrio December 7, 2017

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