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    Abbey, Augustus, Besu_(Artist), Daisy, human, Jessica, Lucy, McCain, Mike, parody, Paulo, Rachel, Sandy, Tess

    Abbey Augustus Besu_(Artist) Daisy Jessica Lucy McCain Mike Paulo Rachel Sandy Tess human parody (807x807, 82.6KB)

    Comment ID #53608

    Took me a while, but I feel like it was worth it.

    Besu 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53609

    Wow, that's big. What is this based on?

    DLancer 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53617

    I'm curious as to what this is based off of as well! But wow this is seriously nicely done :D I love your Tess and Sandy especially!

    flara 5 years ago.

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    CatEyes 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53627

    Repo! the genetic opera. Pretty good movie :3

    Besu 5 years ago.

    Cece_(Artist), Lucy, Paulo, PauloxLucy

    Cece_(Artist) Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy (400x560, 214.2KB)

    Comment ID #53605

    a little doodle I made since it's been so long.

    yes they are kittens

    Cece 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53626

    This is really cute! I love it!

    Turbocharge 5 years ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxDaisy, Daisy, Halloween, Kiryava_(Artist)

    Augustus AugustusxDaisy Daisy Halloween Kiryava_(Artist) (700x588, 169.5KB)

    Comment ID #53621

    Augustus ... bravely protecting Daisy from scary Halloween kids.

    Kiryava 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53622

    (the tip of his tail is black)

    Taeshi 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53624

    Dat Auggie

    RedJack 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53625

    Wow Augustus, barely recognized you there in that costume of yours :O

    Laufente 5 years ago.

    alekz213_(Artist), Lucy

    Lucy alekz213_(Artist) (248x480, 49.2KB)

    Comment ID #53562

    Well, my scanner might be broken, but my webcam is fixed. After a touch of editing, tada! This looks better than my previous uploads, I think. :)

    alekz213 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53565

    When doing the middle finger, the back of the hand has to go forwards, other than that it's great :D

    ericruijun 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53579

    I know. I DON'T know what came over me when I was drawing this. XD Thank you. :D

    alekz213 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53623

    I love those blue eye's!

    bluefox 5 years ago.

    human, Lucy, xXsakura1989Xx_(Artist)

    Lucy human xXsakura1989Xx_(Artist) (1024x1024, 828.3KB)

    Comment ID #53560

    yo, regrese yay :3

    xXsakura1989Xx 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53610

    Wow. I like the way you humanized this! The good use of hair going down into the (used to be) fur pattern! Very clever! Very creative! and all the rest of the features, such as the hair colour, that were assumed? Very good. I totally would have pictured Lucy as a blonde.

    RylanWearingABowtie 5 years ago.

    Carmen_(Artist), Hair_Lucy, Lucy

    Carmen_(Artist) Hair_Lucy Lucy (695x905, 142.5KB)

    Comment ID #53564

    Lucy is happy because it's mike she's getting married to.

    bluefox 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53567

    Ohmygosh Carmen I love your style!!!!

    PotterHead_jelly_bean 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53568

    btw @bluefox: NO IT ISN'T. I don't care who she's marrying. But she's not gunna get Mike. Cuz Mike is already married to Sandy and they have kids. :P Mad Lucy

    PotterHead_jelly_bean 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53583

    Pretty one Bluefox! :D

    Cavara 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53596

    @Potterhead you dont get any cake :D

    bluefox 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53602

    @bluefox: no because I already had some at Sandy and Mike's wedding. Plus, they had a chocolate fountain. And you don't get any

    PotterHead_jelly_bean 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53607

    @Potterhead I'll just keep on dreaming.You can keep your evil chocolate fountain Mad Lucy

    bluefox 5 years ago.

    Carmen_(Artist), Stacy

    Carmen_(Artist) Stacy (672x1082, 223.6KB)

    Comment ID #53578

    I just love the way you draw :D!!
    every single one 8-D

    Sam 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53584

    Yay, this is a nice collection you're putting together here!

    Cavara 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53599

    I like how she's grabbing at her skirt. +1 Cuteness. C:

    Shayren 5 years ago.

    Daisy, Paulo, PauloxDaisy, Rainbowunicornbarf_(Artist)

    Daisy Paulo PauloxDaisy Rainbowunicornbarf_(Artist) (600x654, 361.6KB)

    Comment ID #53589

    Check source for artist!

    PauloxDaisy <3333

    Taeshi 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53591

    Desu kawaii uguu

    Ace 5 years ago.

    alekz213_(Artist), Augustus, AugustusxLucy, Lucy

    Augustus AugustusxLucy Lucy alekz213_(Artist) (485x348, 59.9KB)

    Comment ID #53587

    Looks better in person, I swear. I used the webcam for this, because my dad won't let me use the scanner anymore. Mad Lucy Curses. Anywho. I like how Augustus came out, but Lucy is BLEGH. :(

    alekz213 5 years ago.

    alekz213_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, MikexLucy

    Lucy Mike MikexLucy alekz213_(Artist) (529x837, 98.5KB)

    Comment ID #53581

    It's a love-hate relationship, I guess. Lucy's had enough of Mike being a total ***, so...

    alekz213 5 years ago.

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