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    Doublet_(Artist), Jasmine

    Doublet_(Artist) Jasmine (572x776, 76.5KB)

    Comment ID #55008

    Cute Jasmine!

    SaBasse 6 years ago.

    Abbey, Landy_(Artist)

    Abbey Landy_(Artist) (500x469, 71.6KB)

    Comment ID #54988

    you said it, bub

    Landy 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #54991


    seriously omggggggggg some people make abbey look outstanding

    Taeshi 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #54997

    The last time Daisy suggests Anal.

    Radial 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #55006

    This style is delicious.

    Icehness 6 years ago.

    Amaya, CorCaz_(Artist)

    Amaya CorCaz_(Artist) (1024x768, 84.2KB)

    Comment ID #55004

    I just love Amaya so much. She's so prettyyy~ :love:

    CorCaz 6 years ago.

    Lucy, Patchwork_(Artist), sketch

    Lucy Patchwork_(Artist) sketch (810x1180, 219.5KB)

    Comment ID #54972

    ...I'm so sorry.

    I swear i meant to do something actually meaningful for my first fanart for the series, but... Then this happened. < ://|;

    patchwork 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #54975

    I like this!

    SpaceMouse 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #54987

    AUGFJFFFGFFHHHH you drawing something for BCB is a dream come trueeeeeeeeeeeee

    Lucy charat

    Taeshi 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #54993

    But lucy is meaningful.

    bluefox 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #54998

    @SpaceMouse: Thanks! <3

    @Taeshi: And i hope to do more in the future! UwU (Thank goodness this wasn't too kawaiidesuuguu for you, i was worried aaa;;)

    @bluefox: That's true. :p

    patchwork 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #55001


    Taeshi 6 years ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxDaisy, Daisy, Rainbowunicornbarf_(Artist)

    Augustus AugustusxDaisy Daisy Rainbowunicornbarf_(Artist) (600x654, 176.4KB)

    Comment ID #54965

    I love your little chubby-wubby Augustus! 8-D

    millymaculo 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #54980

    this is super cute, i really like your style ;-;!!

    patchwork 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #55000

    Daisy you *****

    Anialator 6 years ago.

    Lucy, SaBasse_(Artist)

    Lucy SaBasse_(Artist) (1193x1514, 1.2MB)

    Comment ID #54989

    Just felt like drawing Lucy!

    SaBasse 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #54994

    You should just draw some more lucy.

    bluefox 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #54995

    Love her eyes!

    Taeshi 6 years ago.

    Ark_(Artist), Mike

    Ark_(Artist) Mike (707x768, 159.1KB)

    Comment ID #54959

    Repost because the last version had a messy background.

    Ark 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #54984


    KiraDood5 6 years ago.

    figurine, Jasmine, photo, RC_(Artist)

    Jasmine RC_(Artist) figurine photo (750x924, 236.9KB)

    Comment ID #54856

    Oh wow nice.

    For some reason it looks better up close than in the thumbnail. Well done RC.

    ZoeStellan 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #54907

    I really like the outfit. The face and hair is really cool too, which is a feat because Jasmine's fur pattern makes it pretty easy to mess her up. I think the only thing it suffers from in particular is the eyes, but I can see how tough it'd be perfect them.

    SuitCase 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #54914

    Thats very nice. What is she made out of? And did you brake one of her eares off?

    bluefox 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #54983

    Don't give it to Ace.

    Blazenarm 6 years ago.

    Daisy's_Dad, Gnukko_(Artist)

    Daisy's_Dad Gnukko_(Artist) (668x723, 506.6KB)

    Comment ID #54868

    you have no idea how long i've been waiting for you to draw that request

    isabelle 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #54982

    stupid sexy daisy's dad

    Blazenarm 6 years ago.

    Gnukko_(Artist), Lucy

    Gnukko_(Artist) Lucy (668x761, 445.0KB)

    Comment ID #54981



    Blazenarm 6 years ago.

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