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Candybooru image #10421, tagged with Daisy ace-cadet_(Artist)


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HI HELLO sorry for the ****** sketch but it's all I had time for :'0 you know how finals are lmao. I'll do my best to color it and make it all fancy-schmancy some time over the break, even though nobody asked for it-
but yeah I know this account isn't even a day old, but I've been reading BCB for like 5 years now lmao;; I think I did have an old account here (maybe under the name PastaIsALie?) but I only just now got the courage to put something up and I couldn't remember my old password :^)
jesus this is a long comment and all that really matters is Daisy is so cute and I love her

ace-cadet 3 years ago.

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Sweet Jesus I wish you would have posted sooner!
You are an amazing artist.
OMG I'm so jealous of peoples ability to draw noses and fluff.

Murdoch 3 years ago.

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WHOA TY,,, you are so sweet!! ;0; your comment honestly made my day haha
and don't be jealous, your art is precious, g dang it! >:v you can draw noses and fluff great!

ace-cadet 3 years ago.

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They way the head is is TOO adorable :love:

Markio 3 years ago.

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Daisy is already adorable but that nose and fluffy fur doubles the ADORBNEZZ :love:

DaniYellAtU 3 years ago.

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2cute4me ;-;

NasalDiabetes 3 years ago.

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hh you all are so dang nice, tysm,,, ;v;

ace-cadet 3 years ago.