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Candybooru image #11324, tagged with Draw_Stream Hair_Lucy Lucy Mike MikexPauloxLucy Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) polyamory


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Idea: Paulo, Mike, and Lucy from Another Boyfriend going on a nice outing near a lake. Paulo and Mike are fishing while Lucy is a bit too phobic to come any closer so she’s only giving out moral support to the two.

Taeshi 2 years ago.

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i love seeing these three all together and supportive. what a treat
aside from that i think paulo looks so good in hoodies omg

Rory 2 years ago.

Comment ID #73672

Good, good, good, good, goooooooood-

My favorite OT3 oh man. ;_;

Yaschiri 2 years ago.

Comment ID #73685

love this!

FluffyMoth 2 years ago.

Comment ID #73752

More of my OT3 YES!

AshuraAtsu 2 years ago.

Comment ID #73892

i normally hate 3 way ships but after reading another boyfriend im starting to like this way too much and its bothering me lol.

Zippo 2 years ago.

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Nobody fishes like Paulo (Gaston)!!!

Paulo28 2 years ago.