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Candybooru image #11645, tagged with Abbey BCB_Art_Meme David Lucy LucyxDaisy LucyxSandy Maevans_(Artist) Mike Paulo Sandy


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okay it's not any better : \

Maevans 4 years ago.

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Good sh33t m3m3

Toechin 4 years ago.

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still, i guess i should get to explaining for the #2 B)

I don't actually ship sandyxlucy, well, in the canon universe not really. I don't really ship any ship in bcb since ive been here for so long that every ship just starts to come and go.. but well i think i'll settle down with sandyxlucy because its pretty cute i guess? Not hoping for anything though

Im sorry i posted the meme twice! I actually thought it would come in the size it was supposed to be before i resized it but i guess not :// also, i can't post it from my laptop for some reason so i posted it on the phone instead. I've created a mess, i'm sorry.

Maevans 4 years ago.

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Damn, your style is really nice!

JayGamer 4 years ago.

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@Maevans LucyXSandy is also my favorite ship too!

GaryD12 4 years ago.