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Candybooru image #11669, tagged with Daisy Lucy Lullaby_(Artist) MikexPaulo Paulo comic excellent


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ughhhhh this is dummmbbbbb

if no one can make any sense of this bc of my terrible handwriting i would be so happy actually
paulo n lucy n daisy have the BEST sleepover talks!!! maybe!!!! i was going to make more but my hand hurts a lot and i just spent way too long trying to take off this pen nib (the secret for a firmer grip is to use a nail clipper instead of tweezers - I CRIED WHEN IT WAS OUT JKDFN)
this isnt rly canon compliant btw!!

for the record, mike is my fav. but also pls burn that boy ladies

lullaby on November 26, 2016.

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Honestly. Bless this comic. Bless you. I want the full conversation honestly. Gimme the forbidden Mike roast

invisibleColoration on November 26, 2016.

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good comic

SpaceMouse on November 26, 2016.

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hahahaha this made me laugh a lot, from the moment paulo went all frothy-mouthed in panel 3

it’s definitely sloppy but it came from the heart and the fun you had making it really shows, so i will excellent it

SuitCase on November 26, 2016.

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Also daisy WOULD have a popplio tbh (Lucy gets Rowley & Paulo gets kitten ✌✌)

invisibleColoration on November 26, 2016.

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@invisibleColoration seeing comments like this make me so happy, honestly, i have been just SMILING LIKE MAD WHILE I GOT SOME ICE CUBES TO CHEW MY ANXIETY TO DEATH!!!! thank you and god bless. i love your art. i want mike to be roasted so hard but at the moment i feel like paulo is the bigger ass here (and honestly the continuation would probably just b .. PAULO STOP ATTACKING UR FRIEND/CRUSH HOLY SHI T WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU . YOU DID NOT GET THIS MUCH SCREEN TIME FOR THIS.) drawing cats is HARD

@SpaceMouse id feel so guilty responding to u w just a "thanks" after that ridiculous paragraph, so i wont! thank you! im surprised ppl can make out the words bc i was just suffering so hard feeling my nails dig into my skin x100000 while drawing lol. and drawing cats is hard, right, and drawing paulo FACING TO THE SIDE IS EVEN HARDER??? WHERE DO HIS SIDE HAIRS EVEN GO TAESHI HOW DO YOU DRAW THEM. i couldnt even figure out how to do the last panel w paulo so i bsed it as hard as i could . goodbye you trash boy

lullaby on November 26, 2016.

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DSJFDSFJ MORE COMMENTS POPPED UP WHILE I WAS TYPING WHOOPS (thank you for the gold!!!!! ironically on .. whatever this is haha. thank you!!!!!)

@SuitCase u r a god probably u know that?????? uuuuuu it is VERY SLOPPY and i feel a little bad abt it, like, i could have cleaned it up (but at the same time if i get serious abt smth i work on it for an unhealthy amount (re: literally none of my recent art ever bc im a slob yeah yeah lullaby we get it)) but thank u so much hahah :`)) ive been thinking abt this scenario all night!!! i got so excited drawing it i saved the actual wording for last and even now im just, well WHAT IF DAISY BROUGHT OVER CAKE AND THEY ATE IT AND ------

@invisibleColoration yessssss i was just sticking the starters in there bc i needed some positive space (i didnt want them talking in this weird void, you know) and daisy seems naturally like a stuffed animal gal, so. i was thinking abt a sumo pkmn au for the main four a little earlier actually AND YES I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! mike would probably also get a popplio? and paulo would laugh at him for it and daisy would b like AWWW or whatever idk (she would be secretly giddy that they have matching starters and i would b like, seriously, girl) (i briefly considered lucy w litten also? but rowlet suits her!) .... i should start drawing and stop fantasizing hhhhhhhahhh

lullaby on November 26, 2016.

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Oh my god, this is great XD Keep it up ^^

Videogamer80 on November 27, 2016.

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Lullaby your art is just everything good in the world oh ym goddd

Maevans on November 28, 2016.