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Candybooru image #11777, tagged with CR_(Artist) Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo


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A work in progress (a crossover, if you can tell).
Playing around with shadows and overlay styles. This is too dark, so it won't be final, but looks interesting, I think.

A pal of mine called them "mutant-cat-dwarf-people" (well here you go, my art finally has a definitive style, i guess. Perhaps I need to change the way I draw bodies...) and said it reminded him about a recurrent idea/creature that haunted his childhood nightmares.

I do like creepy, but please don't have nightmares becauses of my art... ;-;

CR 5 years ago.

Comment ID #75757

Looks pretty damn neat.
Looking forward to the finished version

Waldo 5 years ago.

Comment ID #75812

What is this a crossover of?

Zippo 5 years ago.