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Candybooru image #12087, tagged with Amaya Augustus BCB_Art_Meme DavidxPaulo Jessica Jordan Lucy Madison Matt MattxJordan Mike Paulo Rachel Sandy floid_(Artist) transgender


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enjoy all my gay garbage... :)

floid 10 months ago.

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More like gay treasure. Your style is so gooood. Gimme those "ugly" breeds. <3

juicebot 10 months ago.

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I LOVE YOUR STYLE, it's so bubbly while being so mega-detailed! The last drawing is so cute ;____;

And aughfhfhf yes I.... regret a lot of old comics and using that fancharacter RIP, I'm glad I got to evolve and learn and fight off some clear awful stereotypical internalized homophobia rhfjhdjshdbd yowza, especially because of the characters that came out of the aftermath. I'm sorry :(

The way you draw yourself is adorable ;__; abubububuububu. Lucy giving Augustus the shots is so wholesome awwww

Taeshi 10 months ago.

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AaaAAAAA THANK YOU TAESHI!!! Im just glad I did your characters justice. And that you enjoy my art!!

And jeez, it's okay. Art is about learning and you've obviously grown a lot as a person!! Heck, even a gay and trans dude like me had aome internalized nasty homophobic feelings when I was young. I'm just happy to see you grow so much as an artist and as someone with more artistic empathy. You're really a sweetheart!

And aaaa yes I love domestic trans things like helping with shots. Its so sweet! :D

floid 10 months ago.

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your art is SO GOOD

everything about this makes me happy


Xionvee 10 months ago.

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Aaa thank you so much guys!! Its one of the few art things ive really been proud of lately, hehe!! That never happens:')

i live for skinny tail ****** siamese babs

floid 10 months ago.

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AH THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. I agree the way you draw yourself is like a cute little muffin cries

subliminalsubs 10 months ago.

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Jeeeez, thanks guys! Drawing myself in a way that I actually like it makes me feel more comfortable with my body : )

floid 10 months ago.

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(Puts on im not familiar whit all these frases and feelings).When I saw the trans headcanon I thought that it was a tumblr ad.But on a side note good for you.

Sunner 10 months ago.

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And for some reason that tiny you looks like an collectable toy,and the testosterone was magnificent.

Sunner 10 months ago.

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ahhhhh floid i love this and i love youuu ;;;o;;; everything in this post is good im in love!!
being and nb myself itve always been so nice to see more queer characters in the comic and your trans headcanon is A++ aaah ;_;

Maevans 10 months ago.

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Eeehehe thank you Maev!! I'm nb too and trans headcanons fuel my whole life

floid 10 months ago.

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im crying at how pure this is i can only dream to be this cute oooh my god

yiffwave 10 months ago.