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Candybooru image #12309, tagged with JEMCIV_(Artist) MikexLucy MikexSandy kittens


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bringing this back

JEMCIV 1 year ago.

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Thats awkward,Mike sould hide.

Sunner 1 year ago.

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Lol don't they have the same Dad xD

TravelPastel 1 year ago.

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Mike: You're both my daughters!
Both girls started to cry.
Mike: I'm a great father.
Cool drawing.

SCD 1 year ago.

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Ok Mike. Time to beat yourself to see if yourself will win 8-)

MaronaPossessed 1 year ago.

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For a minute there I thought Jasmine had been babbified and was arguing the Molly. It's a good idea and a great pic!

Rateus 1 year ago.

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MikeXSandy may not be perfect, but bring much nice kiddo :3

Calmdog 11 months ago.

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It be just like Fight Club.

Bunnygirl666 7 months ago.

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They're both right. Mike beats himself up all the time. He doesn't even have to try. Everyone loses.

kamimatsu 5 months ago.