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Candybooru image #13546, tagged with CR_(Artist) Lucy Sue


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I was watching Maven's Westenra recap video essay (A Loose Canon basically) and I heard Lucy's name and that's all it took.

ps wasn't able to post the whole pic again, so see the source link for the full comic :x

CR 6 months ago.

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Cool comic.

SCD 6 months ago.

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I love this, this is great!

Rateus 6 months ago.

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Source link doesnt work ._.

TravelPastel 6 months ago.

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The link does not work? :question:

well ok, here's the source one 6.png

CR 6 months ago.

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Fixed that source link for you, Candybooru doesn't know how to interpret https links, remove the s and the source link works again.

This is very nice! You have a lovely art style.

jeroenhd 5 months ago.

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Kelly0989 5 months ago.