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Candybooru image #14018, tagged with Daisy Jessica Lucy Mike MikexPaulo Paulo Rachel Zeph_(Artist)


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i can't believe it's already 2019 and these kids have come so far

zeph 1 year ago.

Comment ID #87419

man zeph your art is so gooooood i love that little lucy on the bottom...and daisy's expression is so cute

mushroom 1 year ago.

Comment ID #87422

Nice drawings.

SCD 1 year ago.

Comment ID #87424

uhg, paulo rubbing his face against mikes, so freaking cute

garb 1 year ago.

Comment ID #87427

ohhh your style is so nice!! i especially love how you draw jess *o*

comfit 11 months ago.

Comment ID #87446

hhhh!! thank yall are really sweet!!!

zeph 11 months ago.