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Candybooru image #14549, tagged with Abbey AbbeyxPaulo Daisy Paulo Popcorn-tart_(Artist) human


Comment ID #88696 see........I can explain....I didn't see any abbey x paulo so I took matters into my own hands

Popcorn-Tart 7 months ago.

Comment ID #88697

Thank you for taking matters into your own hands. Your style is such a treat, what the hell. I love the designs. Paulo's scruffy face, Abbey's lanky body, and wow, Daisy is cute with her hair like that.

You're making me start to like this ship as more than a joke, and I'm not really all that angry about it.

juicebot 7 months ago.

Comment ID #88698

Wow! Thank u juicebot I am a big fan of your style as well
Ah always starts as a joke and before u know it you have a full page of drawings u___u

Popcorn-Tart 7 months ago.

Comment ID #88701

Your human Daisy is so cool!!! ;__; I LOVE THESE BOYS, love the way you did the facial hair on Paulo!! Abbey’s lanky tallness is so fitting hahahaha

the cats in the background ;_______; ugugurdsughd

Taeshi 6 months ago.

Comment ID #88704

Op ur so smart and so correct this singlehandedly sucked me back into paulo/abbey

invisibleColoration 6 months ago.

Comment ID #88735

OMG thank u!!!!

Popcorn-Tart 6 months ago.