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Rereading the updated BCB pages on webtoons has been making me nostalgic for the pets, so I wanted to try and figure out how'd they fit into the universe as "people"!

Lily would be Lucy's aunt in this universe and Yashy is her daughter. They live nearby at the start of the comic and Lily would be away often (either hospital visits or being called away for a time-consuming job) and Yashy would spend a lot of time at her aunt and uncle's house. She and Lucy would be very close, since they'd have moved to Lucy's neighborhood when Yashy was a toddler; this would be the time when Mike was spending more time with Sandy, so Lucy would get really attached to little cousin who needed her. I like to imagine them having a similar dynamic to Setsuki and Mei from Totoro (which is what the image at the bottom is referencing! The scene where Mei throws a tantrum to spend time in class with Setsuki probably happened here lmao)

Chirpy would be the daughter of a friend of Lily's who can't take care of her for the time being so lives with Yashy and Lily. Blur is a foster kid staying with Mike's family and is very good friends with Yashy.

Lily and Yashy eventually have to move away which compounds the isolation Lucy is dealing with, but after her suicide attempt Lucy goes to stay with them in their new house while attending her private school (Lily could be the aunt mentioned in canon) Blur has a major fallout with Mike after his friends move away and also goes to live with Lily, who ends up officially adopting him!

Thank you for coming to my AU Ted Talk that was just my hidden attempt to avoid working on my pre-thesis project :)

Moonybadger on January 30, 2021.

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ohhHHHhh my gosh this is so dang cute ;_;

bramblepaws on January 30, 2021.

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im gonna cry THIS IS SO PERFECT QwQ i love your au!! <3

Terry on January 31, 2021.

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i love this loreeeeeeeeeee AAAAAAAAAA

agentchimendez on April 19, 2022.