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Candybooru image #14693, tagged with Abbey Augustus David Haley Jessica Lucy Lucy's_mother Matt Mike Mike's_mother Molly Slowivy_(Artist) Stacy Sue Yashy


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Been a while since I posted!! Thought it'd be fitting to have it be the updated art meme!! :3

If you're wondering about the ships - I just love a lot of them! I think their various stories are cute to explore. Also, Jordan/Augustus for "I FUCKED YOUR BROTHER SHITLIPS" @ Lucy always cracks me up fslkjkjfdsfsd

slowivy 2 weeks ago.

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this is fantastic!! this is so creative, you poured your all into this and it shows.

also lots of memes ha ha. but i love that you captured all these moments and characters from the comic that only an OG fan would be immersed in. very very impressive

SuitCase 2 weeks ago.

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AAAAAAAA these are so great!!!!! Your style is so immediately recognisable, I really love the freckles you add to a lot of the characters ;__; Very unique, nice little touches!!

#12 ownssss omg I really love what Lucy’s mother is saying lmaoooo

muppet yashy is terrifying but necessary

Taeshi 2 weeks ago.

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Thank you both aaaaa!! :D

I appreciate it @Suit! :3 I tried to reference the backgrounds Tae used in the comic. @Taeshi you always make them so immersive, and I wanted to try emulating that!! It's so difficult, though, so it gave me a new appreciation for your level of detail. :D

And THANK YOU i love the idea of lucy's mother having the mouth of a sailor if she's not careful haha

I like to draw Yashy in increasingly cursed ways

slowivy 2 weeks ago.

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Excellent job, your art style is really good.

SCD 2 weeks ago.