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I forgot to comment here dsadkjjkds but one of the things that lives in my head rent free is how Mike really just...left Jordan there, yknow? Jordan didn't even get to take the bus that Mike took to go to the hospital.

Jordan was a very typical older brother to Lucy for a while; they annoyed each other to no end. But we can see how much he cared about her before her attempt, and how much her attempt really, really affected him, y'know? And so when I think of Jordan just...sitting there, after Mike runs off, crying his eyes out because Lucy almost died, he almost lost his little makes me so sad! ;_; I had to draw his friends comforting him!!

I hope with this new chapter we get to see more of Jordan and his friend group, especially now that Lucy is back (tm). I wonder if Jordan is just as quiet about his trauma as Lucy is? :O :(

slowivy on July 28, 2021.

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beautiful art work and totally agree with your thoughs also same want to see more of jprdan and his friends

Thundefair on July 28, 2021.