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Candybooru image #2678, tagged with BCB_Art_Meme Basketcase_(Artist) Hair_Lucy Jasmine Lucy McCain Mike MikexLucy Molly Sandy genderbended meme


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Great meme. Lucy can die.

Sammy 9 years ago.

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10: "Open your eyes, NOW TYPE THE SCENE"

Anialator 9 years ago.

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I can't draw worth sh*t. and look, lucy is the MAIN character. Deal with it.

BasketCase 9 years ago.

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Another girl hating on Mike, check.
Another person hating Sandy for no good reasons(She is definitely not a mary sue), check
Alrighty looks like everything checks out

JuniorBoomer 9 years ago.

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Sandy's not happy because she has nobody who really cares about her save Mike. In case you didn't notice from the short comic about Sandy, her life basically entitles school followed by modeling and other business opportunities that her parents shove on her because they think it's best for her. She doesn't really get to do anything she wants to, nor does she have 'everything.' Even though I ship MikexLucy as well, I've got nothing against Sandy. I'll also add that Lucy's mainly to blame for her and Mike's messed up relationship. She's the one who decided to act like an *** towards Mike until he got tired of it, at which point she realized just how much he meant to her and at which point Mike realized that he didn't really care. Not that he's without blame either- she's tried to (subtly) reconcile their differences, and he's ignored those efforts, but you can't really say that his ignorance is unjustified.

tldr -> Sandy's cool, Lucy should stop baw'ing, Mike needs to get his head out of his *** because to be frank, relationships aren't 'fair'. Generally speaking, the male in the relationship needs to sacrifice and compromise a lot more than the female (excluding rare cases of abusive ******** who get paired up with girls who have little self-esteem/respect for themselves)

Null 9 years ago.

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Oh and actually commenting on the meme, nice, but too many words :C

Null 9 years ago.

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-sigh- I just never really liked the characters that are "perfect" (kikiyo from inuyasha, Lila from hey arnold! etc.)

These "perfect" people have; money, beauty, fame, the main lead guy or some relationship with them in the past... etc. =_=;. as for the cold and ceramic, that is from the mug commentary on the shop page. That comic didn't convince me one bit, you feel sympathetic towards her :/. I'm not even sure if she tries to reach out to other friends if the thing with mike falls out.

Funny thing is. I'm a bit like Lucy, emotionally unstable and mean. so yeah for those of you who think Lucy should die, watch you mouth please.

BasketCase 9 years ago.

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#11 but, but... more drama MURDERS good comic strips! |:p

Ahroo 9 years ago.

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Sandy was a childhood crysh. She's also not perfect, we just don't see her enough to be aware of many flaws. Hoheh~

Hoheh 9 years ago.

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Lucy should die.

Carmen 9 years ago.

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Kill lucy and you kill BCB.

BasketCase 9 years ago.

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BasketCase 9 years ago.

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Except there are other main characters other than Lucy hurhur lolololol.

Carmen 9 years ago.

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You all should die.

Anonymous #1 9 years ago.

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All the trolling fails make me laugh so hard. Honestly, I don't understand why people get so worked up on nagging on other peoples opinions. I Hate (HAAAAATTTTTEEEEE~~ 0A0) Sandy but that doesn't mean I go around arguing with those who love her. It's a deeply personal opinion and I don't understand why people have to judge the opinions of others. Personally I have my own reasons for hating Sandy, reasons I will not share for the sake of no further troll baiting, but still people say my hatred is irrational and it's ONLY because I'm soooooo jealous of sandy, blah blah blah, and I just don't understand what she's going through, etc. etc.

Anyway, I'm ranting again. Excuse me for that.
Cute meme~ I love it! Haha you drew an angel hair lucy too! I did one of those... yesterday I think it was... maybe it was two days back. Hmm. Cute anyways though, it's good to see more hair lucy art.

Skykittykat 9 years ago.

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liked your meme and i agree with you.


Anonymous #2 9 years ago.

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loook, I don't think ppl should say lucy or sandy should die, if you don't like them okay, but lets not be so harsh. all of tae's characters were created for a reason. also anyone that makes comics almost always makes one of the main characters to reflect themselves. and like it or not lucy is a main character and sandy is a secondary character and they both may have a bit of taeshi's (or one of her friends) personality in them.

@basketcase: not everyone trys to see things from both perspectives but don't sweat it. I like the meme.

by the way I'm a bit like lucy too, & i think sandy is okay she reminds me of one of my friends that used to forget all about her friends when ever she had a boyfriend ( i never hated her for it, I just felt sad that she never seemed to find a balance for both )

Anonymous #3 9 years ago.

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The hell? Kill Lucy? Lucy's quite possibly the main reason Mike didn't die in 12. He paid that one back by saving her shortly after. I'm not seeing what these haters are using to justify their hate. Not a Sandy OR Lucy-hater. Don't hate Mike... Honestly don't hate anyone. Hate just leads to problems. Well, maybe Alejandro. He's an ***.

Hoheh 9 years ago.

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Boy do people take booru comments so seriously.
Good god you guys, come on!

Carmen 9 years ago.

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i totally agree with you but i dont hate sandy ;I
and i think lucy deserves someone better than mike
even if i like lucyxmike :o

Anonymous #4 9 years ago.

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Nice :D Mike x Lucy is the lawww XDDD

AndreBR 9 years ago.

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You are awesome. Sandy can die. Horribly.
I mean she came out of nowhere to steal Mike from Lucy.

Hate me if you want, MikexSandy's, MikexLucy is the best.

Anonymous #5 9 years ago.

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How to get those paper?

Mimie4500 9 years ago.

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I HATE haters. They spread hate. >:C So do shippers.

Anonymous #6 8 years ago.

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#10 Really? Do you think that'll really happen? Things wouldn't change quickly.

Sliviathewolf 8 years ago.

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Lol most hates sandy 8-)

Jane 5 years ago.