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Candybooru image #4265, tagged with BCB_Art_Meme Carter David Jasmine Katie Lucy Mike Paulo PauloxJasmine Sandy fancharacter sarah579_(Artist)


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Ya know Taeshi doesn't like fancharacters... So why?

BasketCase 10 years ago.

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Because every fancharacter owner believes their character is "more original" than others's.

-Meeps (Too lazy to sign in) /shot/

Anonymous #1 10 years ago.

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fancharacter. nope. a fursona i see.

Anonymous #2 10 years ago.

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I don't know what that thing at the top is, but it sure as hell isn't a wolf.

Sammy 10 years ago.

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Um... Horrid, just horrid

Tabris 10 years ago.

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sorry im not the best artist. Im 12 calm your tits.

sarah579 10 years ago.

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lol, they're just saying their opinions and thoughts, because thats what the comment section's for~

RachelVang 10 years ago.

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k well its just really annoying and hurtful. when i see all these amazing drawings getting commented NICE comments and then i post one thats not so great they all be so mean! Nobodys sticking up for me... :(

sarah579 10 years ago.

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Obvious troll is obvious.

Stand up for yourself by admitting an error in judgement, then make steps to work beyond it. If people are still displaying a negative attitude, then they are just sad little genetic abortions, and can be ignored for valuable input.

Anonymous #3 10 years ago.

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I sure couldn't draw like that on paint when I was 12. I think's not so bad. I liked that Luke is the one harassing Paula lol.

Itzumi 10 years ago.

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Well, if you want criticism, your wolf isn't a wolf. It hasn't got a muzzle or a ruff, it hasn't got large canines, it doesn't even have a proper tail. At best it's a cat pretending to be a fox. The muzzle should be at least a third as large as the head if you insist on anthropomorphising it.

Sammy 10 years ago.

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Well, don't expect all compliments around here. Especially on the forums.

Anyways, the critisism helps and you can learn from it. Try to be thankful that people are actually bothered to post.

momoa 10 years ago.

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Carmen 10 years ago.

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Part 7(a) made me LOL!
Other than that.... uh, spend more time on each drawing perhaps? try using a better tool than paint, and not using things like the circle-drawing tool for heads. just line them out so they have proper shapes. It's ok to be a beginner and start off making simple drawings, but don't use it as an excuse to think they are great. People around here who make great drawings and get complimented on them have spend HOUR AFTER HOUR practising and learning to draw. It's not something that just comes out of nowhere.

Migrant 10 years ago.

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I didnt use the circle drawing tool..and what do u suggest for a good tool? it would help alot... :3

sarah579 10 years ago.

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Wow, since when did art have to be taken this seriously? Or rather, a comic about cartoon cats....and, a friggen meme...seriously, c'mon. I didn't see 1) where the op claimed they were good, or 2) Where they asked for advice or criticism. Does nobody remember where they started off? Pretty sure you weren't born with leet photoshop skills, and if you were, you wouldn't be on the Internet trolling a beginning artist. Pretty sure 90% STILL don't have leet photoshop skills, for that matter, ive seen the other submissions... :S

Anonymous #4 10 years ago.

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I'm about 75% sure your fucking with people, in which case nicely done . :)

Anialator 10 years ago.

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This was okay.

Flame-LoneWolf 10 years ago.

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Not badly drawn, but oh gawd, just when I thought I'd ESCAPED all of the bloody wolfaboos!

Jicak4t 10 years ago.

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We all start out somewhere....

Anonymous #5 10 years ago.