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Candybooru image #4784, tagged with Abbey BCB_Music_Meme Daisy David Liam LiamxLucy Lucy Mike MikexLucy MikexSandy Paulo PauloxLucy Rose_(Artist) Sandy fancharacter meme


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see i'm pretty down with augustusxlucy

but liamxlucy??!?!!? >:\\\ *Shoos hand away*

Taeshi 10 years ago.

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I still think LiamxLucy is cute, despite the fancharacter status D:

Kaizy 10 years ago.

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I'd rather she'd be with Liam than Augustus.

Seikyuu 10 years ago.

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*facepalm* the only reason Liam isn't already dead is because he was made by a friend.

Grubey 10 years ago.

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Knock it off. Rose hasn't been here as long as some people and I doubt she fully knows of Taeshi's distaste. :U

Tsukaiz 10 years ago.

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I was mostly joking because the last time Rose posted a drawing, people who were anti AugutusxLucy were pissing themselves in rage and making a big deal.

Grubey: fancharacters can just never come back, doesn't mean they have to die. Liam, Larken for example are not dead, but they will never show up in the comic again.

Taeshi 10 years ago.

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@Taeshi Well, it's not really up to us how the relationships in the actually storyline turns out.

Personally, I thought Liam and Lucy were perfect together, but I'm guessing if they were together, then there would be a lot less drama in the story.

I think it's better that the fan characters out of of the storyline.

ThatOtherMichael 10 years ago.

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Hey, nice drawing. Farmer Abbey XD

Hero 10 years ago.

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YES!!! someone who likes lucyxliam!!! i is so happy

Panda 10 years ago.

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damn right PauloxLucy is the power of love

SpaceMouse 10 years ago.

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I'm loving how you draw Abbey.

Anialator 10 years ago.

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@Everyone else -- it is cute the way Liam can be with Lucy buutttt I support her more with Augustus or Paulo, maybe even Mike if he quits being a jerkface. but thanks <3

@Taeshi -- thanks for your kind words on my sketches <3

Rose 10 years ago.

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So many awesome songs. ;-;

I would go with both LucyxLiam And LucyxAugustus really. .
Both work epically to me.

Anyways,this is awesome,you are awesome,great Music Meme. ^-^

NightFaller 10 years ago.

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Lazy people have to do this?
Well, better start training then...

mAceOfHearts 10 years ago.