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Candybooru image #4784, tagged with Abbey BCB_Music_Meme Daisy David Liam LiamxLucy Lucy Mike MikexLucy MikexSandy Paulo PauloxLucy Rose_(Artist) Sandy fancharacter meme


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see i'm pretty down with augustusxlucy

but liamxlucy??!?!!? >:\\\ *Shoos hand away*

Taeshi 9 years ago.

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I still think LiamxLucy is cute, despite the fancharacter status D:

Kaizy 9 years ago.

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I'd rather she'd be with Liam than Augustus.

Seikyuu 9 years ago.

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*facepalm* the only reason Liam isn't already dead is because he was made by a friend.

Grubey 9 years ago.

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Knock it off. Rose hasn't been here as long as some people and I doubt she fully knows of Taeshi's distaste. :U

Tsukaiz 9 years ago.

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I was mostly joking because the last time Rose posted a drawing, people who were anti AugutusxLucy were pissing themselves in rage and making a big deal.

Grubey: fancharacters can just never come back, doesn't mean they have to die. Liam, Larken for example are not dead, but they will never show up in the comic again.

Taeshi 9 years ago.

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@Taeshi Well, it's not really up to us how the relationships in the actually storyline turns out.

Personally, I thought Liam and Lucy were perfect together, but I'm guessing if they were together, then there would be a lot less drama in the story.

I think it's better that the fan characters out of of the storyline.

ThatOtherMichael 9 years ago.

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Hey, nice drawing. Farmer Abbey XD

Hero 9 years ago.

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YES!!! someone who likes lucyxliam!!! i is so happy

Panda 9 years ago.

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damn right PauloxLucy is the power of love

SpaceMouse 9 years ago.

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I'm loving how you draw Abbey.

Anialator 9 years ago.

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@Everyone else -- it is cute the way Liam can be with Lucy buutttt I support her more with Augustus or Paulo, maybe even Mike if he quits being a jerkface. but thanks <3

@Taeshi -- thanks for your kind words on my sketches <3

Rose 9 years ago.

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So many awesome songs. ;-;

I would go with both LucyxLiam And LucyxAugustus really. .
Both work epically to me.

Anyways,this is awesome,you are awesome,great Music Meme. ^-^

NightFaller 9 years ago.

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Lazy people have to do this?
Well, better start training then...

mAceOfHearts 9 years ago.