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Candybooru image #5324, tagged with Anialator_(Artist) Lucy Mike


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Hey guys remember when Mike and Lucy were still bro's? :O

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to those brave souls going down with the ship.

Anialator 9 years ago.

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ahh.. the good old days, bravo my friend bravo

1D 9 years ago.

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*salutes from the bridge*

I shall go down with dignity. On the other hand, ahh, the memories....well done :D

ShokandAwe 9 years ago.

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Memories of when Mike aactually tried to get along with Lucy. Or at least wasn't trying not to get along with her. Nice art.

Hoheh 9 years ago.

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Cata83 9 years ago.

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An' I will go down with mah ship/an' I won't put my arms up/an' surrender.

SushiJaguar 9 years ago.