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Candybooru image #6947, tagged with Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Molly Pirari_(Artist) human


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aaaand it's just as terrible as i thought it would be <3<3<3

this is testing my style aka not meant to be taken seriously so before you go for the eye bleach because this looks nothing like abbey you can stop

also listening to some hardcore dubstep whilst drawing daisy and abbey in the car after his visit to his mom
IF YA KNO WHAT I MEAN ok ill stop

Pirari 9 years ago.

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oh and sorry for not replying to comments
its just that im basically a horse trying to use a computer when i actually get compliments soooo yep

Pirari 9 years ago.

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I like how you gave abbey some freckles! This is very cute yayy

flara 9 years ago.

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thank you sm <3

although i'm going to swear never to upload art this quality again uvu

Pirari 9 years ago.

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I like how you made abbey's darker forehead fur into a darker hair bang in his human form. It looks pretty cool.
The style's kinda too anime-ish for me, but the colouring looks really good. I'm glad you chose to finish it.

Migrant 9 years ago.

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I really like it and I think I could learn a thing or two about how to draw anime from you because mine is still very crappy. But anyways, :) :P XD :D :love:

FairyTalegurl 9 years ago.

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Dubstep unf unf unf unf, I mean, unce unce.

Anialator 9 years ago.

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Thank you all #^_^#
You're not the only one that has said that D: I'm trying, I really am. Hopefully the next picture I draw won't be as desu.

Well anime's helped me to learn how to color and things, but I'm going to move out, or at least put a little bit more of realism in my next ones. This one I REALLY half arsed so I know that this isn't the limit of my work, it's just that I feel stressed when I don't upload that much so I end up rushing it and yeah. I'm gonna stop. :P/

Pirari 9 years ago.

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I love your daisy

PotterHead_jelly_bean 9 years ago.

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just kidding
this IS really great, though! :D

millymaculo 9 years ago.

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[Cutest human Abbey thus far]

Adsvem 9 years ago.

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the way you draw human daisy >

serenatea 9 years ago.