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Candybooru image #7060, tagged with Lucy Mike MikexLucy Paulo PauloxLucy different_(Artist)


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DarknestOne 9 years ago.

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So, what's the deal with the 45 degree angle?
Are you trying to keep chiropractors employed well into the new year?
[img ][/img]
That&# 039;s the result of tilting it 45 degrees and a shitty "intelligent fill" tool.

culumus 9 years ago.

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First, I have no clue what you are talking about. Second, what is the deal about the angle? If it hurts you that much to look at it, close either your eyes or the page or maybe ask someone to delete it. Third, the angle is what it is because I wasn't thinking when I was drawing and it looks like shit either way so why bother turning it with crappy tools.
tl/dr: it looks like this because I am stupid and lazy, and you are a big damn art critic, hope you are proud now.

Different 9 years ago.

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Someone's being a itty bitty wee bit touchy today.

culumus 9 years ago.

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Are you kidding? I am not "a bit touchy" today. I never am a bit touchy. My touchiness is so high it would die of overdose if I weren't a motherfucking immortal drama god.

Different 9 years ago.

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@culumus the angle doesn't matter just enjoy the picture

Moshilun 9 years ago.

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For starters, good picture. Love to see some art with Paulo fantasizing about his dream boy.

Also, you're both (Different and Culumus) being huge faggots:

Culumus, nobody gives a fuck if the picture is sideways; shut up and go kill yourself.

Different, shut up and stop letting such an obvious tool bother you so much. It is embarrassing to read.

Meowth 9 years ago.

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Your content aware skills are weak young Culumus.

Anialator 9 years ago.

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Ah shit I love you guys, roflmao. Also, awesome picture. :D Poor Paulo. ; o;

Yaschiri 9 years ago.

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The angle is fine stfu Culumus
Other than that, I love the picture <3

BlueMist 9 years ago.

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my otps

KiraDood5 9 years ago.

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I like it like this alot more, nice edit

Hamshi 9 years ago.

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Aw, poor Paulo! :(
I love what you did with Mike's hand and Lucy's eyes! :D

millymaculo 9 years ago.