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Candybooru image #7502, tagged with 4thStar_(Artist) Lucy


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Hey guys, hope you like this. I was trying a diffent, simplistic style =w=
I'll eventually upload that to my Tumblr and include in in the source thingie~

Inspired by Lucy in the latest chapter, Curtain Call.
Which is great. Keep at it, Tae :)

4thStar 9 years ago.

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I'm sure there is a correct word for this, but all I can think of is Symmetry.

Regardless, this is pretty excellent to look upon, the simplicity mixed with the well drawn and centered Lucy really sets the stage if you will.

Yes I went there.

Ace 9 years ago.

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Haha yes, I tried to use symmetry to help put the focus on Lucy. I also try to do that shading style... you know, that one in which colors don't blend. I could've used more colors, but I guess I still have to get the hand on this~

Thank you for your nice comment, Ace : )
And haha that's great. I was just thinking today that puns are my favourite kind of humor : P

4thStar 9 years ago.

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Wow this is great : DDD

Wildphyre-Pyro 9 years ago.

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Cavara 9 years ago.

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this is amazing! It would look great as a poster on the wall! Do you work in the design industry? :D

NostalgicPostman 9 years ago.

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Very nice!

SnowyPaint 9 years ago.

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@NostalgicPostman I'm glad you think so! This kind of style is popular with movie posters and such =w=
And no, I'm not really in the design industry : P I used to study Graphic Design but I doubt it had any effect on this piece xD

4thStar 9 years ago.

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Beautiful yet sad piece of work^^

MaronaPossessed 9 years ago.

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Am I the only one trying not to burst into singing Queen?

Kuro 9 years ago.