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Candybooru image #7668, tagged with Augustus Daisy Jessica JordanxHaley Lucy Mike MikexSandy Paulo PauloxRachel Rachel Ribbon_(Artist) Sandy genderbended


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Random little drawings of random things
The most recent Ask Roseville High answer made me a little happy when I saw Jordan's heart so I had to draw JordanxHaley ): My hands are so bad and I need so much practice with them. I think I like that one and Sandy the best..

I didn't realize Auggie's eyes were lifeless until drawing a fem version of him lol

also lol forgot to shade Sandy's shorts ): whoops

Ribbon 8 years ago.

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bawww look at Daisy imagening she has straight fur and a bigger chest <3

and haleyxjordan otp >3

Lisa 8 years ago.

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Dont worry daisy you are just as cute as lucy but a little day dreaming never hurt. And it looks like lucy is standing on her own tail. Nice picture.

bluefox 8 years ago.

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Awesome work!

MaronaPossessed 8 years ago.

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Yeah, Augustus and Lucy both match with their lifeless eyes. They both feel in love with somebody that just doesn't love them back... oh and their troubled pasts as well. Not much hope in either of them at this point which is truly sad :(. Maybe one day they might find happiness with each other? Well if Augustus ever decides to give her a chance... uhh, nevermind.

I like how you have Rachel thinking of Paulo, but it looks like he is staring at Jessica instead :D.

Supertails19 8 years ago.